What's Happening Around Roseville First United Methodist Church

Our What's Happening page reflects the working of the Lord in our church community. This is what is happening in and around our church, how people are being touched and working for the glory of our God. Everyone is welcome to join in!

Learning Opportunities, Studies and Groups


Second Saturday Lay Servant Ministries Classes offered at Roseville First UMC

January 13, 2018
Pastor Rod Brayfindley will bring his Deeper into the Bible class to Roseville. This is an indepth, deep-dive into the scriptures to explore the text and the nuances we gather from the text. This class has been taught for years to ClayM students as their Bible class. Now Rod brings it for all of us to enjoy. Rod makes the Bible fun! Bring your Bible (study Bible if you have one) and explore the scriptures with Rod.

February 10, 2018
The class for this month will be Leading Worship. Please obtain your book, Worshipping with United Methodist , from Cokesbury (9780687335268) prior to the class and please read it before class.

Anyone can attend these classes. Class begins at 8 a.m. and will end no later than 6 p.m. Students are responsible for obtaining and reading the text, completing the exercises, and bringing any written work required.

Advanced registration is required. Please register on the Conference website at www.cnumc.org/activeregistrations. Cost of the course is $20 and will include snacks and beverages. Lunch is at student’s expense. Payment should be made at time of registration.

For questions or additional information please see Pastor Steve. 



Coming January 8th, a six-week sermon series . . .

Understanding & Loving Our Neighbors

We work alongside, go to school with and live next door to people of other religions. We might even have family members who are of different faiths. Yet most of us understand little about their faith. Beginning January 8th First UMC Roseville invites you to join us as we explore Christianity and four major world religions. We’ll consider where there is common ground between us as well as where we differ. We hope you’ll join us for this inspiring class.

January 8: How Does God View People of Other Religions?
January 15: What Hindus Believe and Why
January 22: What Buddhists Believe and Why
January 29: What Jews Believe and Why
February 5: What Muslims Believe and Why
February 12: What Christians Believe and Why


The Holy Spirit has been working in our midst...inspiring people to form new groups not only for our church family but also for the community. Here are a few groups you may want to visit:


Our Support Group isn't just about grieving. It is about growing and showing support as a Church family. We share stories, insight, loving memories and even laughter as we sip tea and enjoy treats. Jesus wants us to live abundantly. Let's spring to life! Enter through the Nursery side door on Monday’s at 1:00 pm to Celebrate Life with us. Please follow your heart to us.

Host, Gail Provine!

United Methodist Men (UMM)


We’ve purchased and received a new set of candle lighters and a stand; they are now in the sanctuary, and have already been put to use.

We’re continuing our Adam Hamilton’s book study, “Seeing Gray in a World of Black and White”.

Our next project, which we hope to start in the near future, is the exit door next to the choir in the sanctuary. Looking forward to more projects.

Cliff Williams

United Methodist Women (UMW) News


The leadership team for the UMW will meet on Wednesday, January 10, at 11:00 a.m. at the home of Linda Kennedy.
The first general meeting of the UMW unit will be on Wednesday, January 17 at 1:00 p.m. The gathering will begin with a luncheon, provided by the UMW Leadership Team, followed by the program.
The program will be the Installation of the 2017 Officers for the UMW Unit of the 1st United Methodist Church of Roseville. Susan Kopp, UMW Conference Secretary, and Maybelle Henry, UMW Conference MNO (Membership, Nurturing, and Outreach) will be officiating at the installation. It is a privilege to have UMW Conference representation at our local unit program.
All women of the church are invited to attend the General Meeting of our UMW Unit. We hope to see you there. Come and enjoy the fellowship and friendship, and learn more about this organization’s focus on supporting women and children throughout our world.

Linda Kennedy, UMW President


News from Around the Church . . . .


Happy New Year to all as we embark on the year 2018.
The 3 C's had a good year in 2017 with our bake/craft sales which produced the funds to support our church and various missions. We were able to add funds to the mission trip to Weed, Ca, donate to Kids
First on Main Street, help support a lady (through the Priscilla Circle) who lost her home in the Santa Rosa fire, donated to the Gathering Inn, purchased some needed clothing items for young children at Woodbridge school, among others. Thank you to the congregation for supporting our bake/craft sales to make these possible.
We are a small group, but of many talents and are diligent in our effort to serve our church and community. We were also happy to work at the Advent Dinner and Souper Sales Extravaganza.

May your memories be good ones, your friends be true, and may everyday
bring you joy with Jesus.

You are welcome to join our group, which meets on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays from
10 a.m. to 12 noon in Backman Hall at the church. If you have any questions please
see Anne Gregory, Donna Hall, Nancy Bray, Hazel Nofz, Dee Huston, Shelley
Newton, Debbie Thompson, Sherel Harris, Barbara Hulse or Susan Reining.

Mission/Outreach Team

The Afterglow

The greetings and carols have ended,
The glad celebrations have ceased
With the angels ascended to heaven,
The Wise Men returned to the East.
But the light that once shone on the manger
Still brightens the world from afar,
And listening hearts still hear angels,
And wise men still follow a star.
                  Ellis Rowsey

The Mission/Outreach Team is looking forward to a new year filled with possibilities and opportunities to do all the good we can as disciples of Jesus Christ. Let us all go out into the world sharing the Light and the Love of God.                                 

Happy New Year!
Kathleen Mirtoni

Time for Prayer & Devotion

Time for Prayer and Devotion meets every other Wednesday at 7:00 pm in Heritage Chapel.

Please feel free to join us during this spiritual time!

Jan. 3rd, 17th & 31st

Donna Dammann
Prayer Coordinator


The Merry Methodists? A revival of SNFL? Whatever you want to call it, people want to have fun. So we are starting a new group, meeting once a month on Saturday evening, to get together for fellowship and fun.

The first meeting will be Saturday, January 20, 5:30- 7:30 p.m. in Backman Hall. We will start with a potluck dinner and games night, choose a name for the group, and discuss ideas for future activities. Come join us for some food and fun, and let us know what you would like to do in 2018!

If you have questions, please contact Shelley Newton or Kristi Kinzel for more information.



 Please be mindful of the security of our church. If you are the last person leaving the property, please ensure that all doors are locked and secure, as well as all gates, interior and exterior.

Also, please make sure that the A/C is in the off position upon leaving.
This reminder applies to everyone including our outside groups that use the church.
Your thoughtfulness and due diligence will ensure and maintain a secure environment for all and keep the electric bill at a reasonable amount.
Thank you in advance for your cooperation in this matter.



We all know that we can call the church office Monday through Friday before 12:30 PM and reach Lisa if we need a ride to church on the coming Sunday or a particular church activity.

However, we would like to put a list together to publish in The Chimes of people who would be willing to be Emergency Ride Providers for someone who finds they do not have a ride on Saturday or Sunday prior to church. We would like to list these volunteers by Region or Neighborhood so folks can find a ride from someone closest to them.

Anyone who is interested in providing this service to our fellow church attendees, please send the following information to Lisa in the Church Office, using the Subject: Volunteer - Rides to Church to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

1. Your Name
2. Your Address
3. Your Contact Information - Home Phone, cell phone, email address

Thanks everyone for your help! Lorri Brady

Worship Team

Ready to join the Worship Team? Sign up to help prepare the Sanctuary, be a Liturgist, serve Communion, or join the Choir! Give your name to Lisa in the office. 

Gathering Inn Opportunity

Fall is scheduling time!
If you would like to be trained to be a receptionist at the Gathering Inn’s free health clinic (working every 6th Saturday, or so), please see Cathie Wierbick. 




If you enjoy socializing, want to meet others and help out with Sunday morning Fellowship Time, this could be the PERFECT JOB for YOU:

  • Prepare and Serve coffee and snacks 3 to 5 times per year
  • Flexible Schedule (If something comes up, you can trade with others on the list)
  • Social and Fun
  • Time Commitment is small—set up before church, attend the service, clean up after
  • E-Z Training Included
  • Sign Up with your spouse or friend (It’s easier with two, but can be handled by one person)
  • Reasonable costs are reimbursable. See Chris Handley for reimbursement forms

Contact Janice Gaitor, 645-1196 or Sandy Williams, 709-7695 if you would like to join the team.

Feeling Hungry?

Papa John’s Pizza is offering Daily Church Specials!
If you are meeting at the church with one of our church groups, you can take advantage of this great offer!
See Lisa in the church office to get more details.


Opportunities Abound . . . . 

Is there a subject area in the life of the church that is passionate to you? Do you want to share that passion with others? Do you want to help educate our congregation? We call that teaching. Pastor Steve has a passion for teaching but there are just so many days in a week; so many hours in a day. The vision of our church is to "follow Jesus in changing lives, transforming communities, renewing the Church." Our mission is to "make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world." Part of our vision and our mission is to be a teaching church, to help our congregation to learn. We are looking for people who would like to lead a class for others. We will provide the instructor texts, student texts, and materials for the class. If you are interested, please let the church office know. 


News from Others Associated with the Church . . . . 

TGI 25

 Program Outcomes Summary 2016

The Gathering Inn began 13 years ago when a group of Placer County ministers met in January 2004 to discuss opening their doors during the coldest months of the year to help meet the needs of the homeless in Placer County. This initial collaboration of 13 congregations provided food, shelter, hospitality, and a sense of dignity to the homeless. After 3 short years, The Gathering Inn evolved into a year-round program serving the homeless of Placer County with comprehensive on-site services. Each year, our organization strives to augment and improve the services we provide to our homeless guests so they can end their homeless situation.

Comprehensive Services We Offer:

  • Case Management
  • LifeSkills Classes
  • Sobriety Programs
  • Housing Assistance
  • Employment Assistance
  • Interim Care Program for homeless patients released from local hospitals
  • On-site medical clinic
  • On-site dental clinic
  • Clothing Closet
  • Laundry & Shower Services 

2016 By The Numbers

445 Total guests served
25,594 Bed nights provided to our guests
70 Average number of guests served each night
171 Number of guests who utilized emergency shelter services only with stays of 10 days or less
274 Number of guests who remained in our program & engaged in case management


TGI byGender 25

TGI Vet 25TGI Donations 25

 A Guest Success Story

A veteran and his adult daughter came to The Gathering Inn because the house they had been living in for many years was being sold. The vet has been working at his current job for more than 25 years, yet does not earn enough to support himself and his daughter. While engaged in our program, Case Management was able to assist this guest in obtaining a Veterans Housing Voucher, save enough money for a rental deposit, and begin receiving CalFresh benefits to supplement their food expenses. His daughter enrolled at Sierra College. They are currently living in a 2 bedroom furnished apartment.

Look for more information about The Gathering Inn to come next month!




Mission/Outreach Team