What's Happening Around Roseville First United Methodist Church

Our What's Happening page reflects the working of the Lord in our church community. This is what is happening in and around our church, how people are being touched and working for the glory of our God. Everyone is welcome to join in!

Learning Opportunities, Studies and Groups


VBS - Vacation Bible School March 27, 28 & 29

Volunteers needed for our VBS. No matter what your talent or even if you “think” you have no talent, we want your help. There are flyers to hand out, lunches and snacks to be made, and be served, crafts to teach, people needed to help register, be class leaders, decorators, cleanup. I will have more details soon, but wanted you, yes YOU!! to save these dates.
Also we need participants, this is the Easter break for the schools in our area, encourage your children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews and friend’s children to attend. All Children ages 4 thru 12 for classes, ages 13-18 to be Junior Leaders

I want to encourage all people interested in helping in ANY way to register – there are many ways to help, including prayers for the leaders and attendees. There will be many categories listed for ways you can help. So please register to help, this way I can contact you easily. This same site can be used to register students also.

Check out the website today!!



Second Saturday Lay Servant Ministries Classes offered at Roseville First UMC

February 10, 2018

The class for this month will be Leading Worship. Please obtain your book, Worshipping with United Methodist , from Cokesbury (9780687335268) or Upper Room (AB526) prior to the class and please read it before class.

Anyone can attend these classes. Class begins at 8 a.m. and will end no later than 6 p.m. Students are responsible for obtaining and reading the text, completing the exercises, and bringing any written work required.

Advanced registration is required. Please register on the Conference website at www.cnumc.org/activeregistrations. Cost of the course is $20 and will include snacks and beverages. Lunch is at student’s expense. Payment should be made at time of registration.

For questions or additional information please see Pastor Steve. 



Coming January 8th, a six-week sermon series . . .

Understanding & Loving Our Neighbors

We work alongside, go to school with and live next door to people of other religions. We might even have family members who are of different faiths. Yet most of us understand little about their faith. Beginning January 8th First UMC Roseville invites you to join us as we explore Christianity and four major world religions. We’ll consider where there is common ground between us as well as where we differ. We hope you’ll join us for this inspiring class.

January 8: How Does God View People of Other Religions?
January 15: What Hindus Believe and Why
January 22: What Buddhists Believe and Why
January 29: What Jews Believe and Why
February 5: What Muslims Believe and Why
February 12: What Christians Believe and Why


The Holy Spirit has been working in our midst...inspiring people to form new groups not only for our church family but also for the community. Here are a few groups you may want to visit:


Our Support Group isn't just about grieving. It is about growing and showing support as a Church family. We share stories, insight, loving memories and even laughter as we sip tea and enjoy treats. Jesus wants us to live abundantly. Let's spring to life! Enter through the Nursery side door on Monday’s at 1:00 pm to Celebrate Life with us. Please follow your heart to us.

Host, Gail Provine!

United Methodist Men (UMM)


We’ve purchased and received a new set of candle lighters and a stand; they are now in the sanctuary, and have already been put to use.

We’re continuing our Adam Hamilton’s book study, “Seeing Gray in a World of Black and White”.

Our next project, which we hope to start in the near future, is the exit door next to the choir in the sanctuary. Looking forward to more projects.

Cliff Williams

United Methodist Women (UMW) News


United Methodist Women will meet at 1:00 on February 21st. The annual program of “Call to Prayer and Self-Denial” will be presented by Susan Reining. The theme will be “LEARNING FOR A LIFETIME: DEVELOPING LEADERS”. There will be a special offering for missions to support the learning and development for leadership for women and children throughout the world. Sandy Williams will host the refreshments for the gathering. And word has it that the “Ha-lu-leles” will lead the music again.
The UMW Shawl Ministry also meets on the same day, February 21st at 11:00 a.m. Dee Huston announced at the January UMW meeting that over 140 shawls have been gifted to individuals. If you know of someone who is in need of a Prayer Shawl, please let us know.
Upcoming Opportunity: You are invited to a continental breakfast on Saturday, February 17th at 9:30 AM at St. Mark’s United Methodist Church in Sacramento (2391 St. Mark’s Way). The meeting will be held in Wesley Hall. The speaker will be Dion Roberts, Executive Director of Mary Elizabeth Inn, one of the National Institutions that United Methodist Women support. The Inn is a non-profit organization with a 95 year history of providing housing and support services to low-income women. It is their vision that women across all life’s stages are empowered to achieve self-sufficiency, independence and security. It is San Francisco’s only non-profit organization providing housing, supportive services and free meals specifically to women and many of whom are survival of domestic violence. If you would like to attend, please contact Linda Kennedy at 409-2456 by Sunday, February 11th. We could carpool! St. Mark’s is a 25 minute drive from our church.
REMINDER: The UMW Leadership Team will meet on February 7th at 11:00 am in Backman Hall.

Linda Kennedy, UMW President


News from Around the Church . . . .

From the Lay Leader

Wow, January came and went in a flash! Changes have taken place on many of the teams and other areas of our church, we’ll be embarking on Ash Wednesday leading us into the season of Lent and a new program is about to launch. It is an amazing time of learning, growth and sharing in the life of First Church!
First off, I want to tell you about an area of our church where there is change, and give a HUGE SHOUT OUT to our Church Council Leadership for stepping up to take on Coffee Hour. Team leaders were asked to sign up their specific team to host Coffee Hour one Sunday a quarter after Worship; each team takes a turn preparing, serving and cleaning up. With more of us rallying around and lending a hand, we’re working together to make the tasks easier, more fun and go quicker. It also allows me, as your Lay Leader, to be available during Coffee Hour to talk with guests and newcomers, and do my job more effectively. THANK YOU TEAM LEADERS FOR YOUR WILLINGNESS TO WORK TOGETHER!
Secondly, I want to give you a brief overview of the program launch I’m speaking of . . . The Alpha Course: Alpha provides an opportunity to explore life, encourage debate and investigate the basics of the Christian faith in a friendly, open and informal environment. Typically, it has around ten sessions and includes food, a short video and a discussion after the video where you can share your thoughts. Exploring the big issues around faith and unpacking the basics of Christianity, we’ll address questions such as “Who is Jesus?” and “How can we have faith?”
Registration for the Alpha Course has started and will run through February 4th; the course begins Thursday, February 22 at 6:30 pm, meets each Thursday evening for ten weeks (we will NOT meet Holy Week) and runs through May 10. If you have questions or have not yet registered, please contact one of the Alpha Administration Team members: Chris Handley, Kathleen Mirtoni, or me. Your questions will be answered and we will provide a registration form to you. We are EXTREMELY EAGER AND ENTHUSED to share Alpha with our church family; the growth prospect for each participant is phenomenal, and can provide an incredible outreach opportunity for future Alpha courses at First Church.
With that, I will say: Every day brings new blessings. “For You, Lord, have not forsaken those who seek You.” ~Psalm 9:10

~Sandy Williams

Trustee News

I want to thanks the people in our church and those that use it. First I want to thank all the people that brought cans and bottles to the church on Jan. 13, 2018 and especially those that sorted the plastic, aluminum cans, and glass bottles which are all part of the California recycle program. The church received $25.00 for that day. During 2017 the total was $529.36.

I also want to thank all the people for helping keep our church looking nice and clean while our custodian was away from 1/16-25/2018.

Don Harris Trustee President


A Happy Valentines Day to AllHearts

The 3 C's continue to give nice travel pillows to our Gathering Inn guests on the last Sunday of the month as they do so appreciate them. Our Hazel Nofz works diligently with a cheerful heart creating these colorful pillows with fabric often donated and other 3 C's members
sometimes stuff them.

Our first of 4 Bake Sale/Craft Sales this year will be on Sunday, February 11th after worship. The money collected will be used for various missions and church needs. Thanks to all who help make them successful.

We do have projects in mind for Christmas, looking ahead, and we will continue to make lap quilts to give to local nursing homes. We could use some wine bottle corks for one of our projects, so please save them for the 3 C's and pass them along to any member. The group will
be selling a finished quilt when it is decided what format to use for selling it, which should be very soon. Also, at Easter time 3 C's will be sending out special greeting cards to those unable to attend church.

The 3 C's will be hosting coffee hour on March 25th, which is Palm Sunday.

Join us on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays at 10 a.m. at the church. Ask
Anne Gregory, Donna Hall, Nancy Bray, Hazel Nofz, Debbie Thompson, Dee
Huston, Shelly Newton, Sherel Harris, Barbara Hulse or Susan Reining
if you wish to know more about the Creative Christian Crafters.

May the peace of Christ rule in your hearts,
Susan Reining/Barbara Hulse

Mission/Outreach Team

Throughout the month of March, our Mission Team will be raising funds for a variety of projects. Listen each Sunday for ways you can donate to our ministries.

Time for Prayer & Devotion

When I opened up my book of Praying God’s Word to create my lesson for Time for Prayer and Devotion for our January 17 meeting, the title was “Overcoming Depression.” I thought how appropriate. That was exactly what I was dealing with. I had such high hopes for 2018 but I let circumstances that I could not control steal the joy from my life. On January 3, I found out that my niece Sarah that just got married in July is separated from her husband and it looks like the marriage is over. On January 4, my ex-husband Bill Dammann got really bad news about his surgery and cancer. He was told he may only have days, weeks, or months to live. They could not give him a time line. As strange as it may sound I felt like I was losing him all over again. We have developed a friendship that I don’t want to lose. On January 11, my youngest son Travis finally called me back. I wanted to tell him about his Dad. They do not have a relationship. I was on the phone for an hour with him telling me what a horrible person I am. By the time I got off the phone. I was thinking, how did I get to be such a horrible person?

Feeling down for a few days does not constitute depression. Occasionally feeling depressed and battling chronic depression are two different things. I was down for a few days and then I got sick. Related? God can help us if we let him. There is medication, counseling, prayer groups and other things to help us.

Lord help us to be aware when we cannot get better on our own. Help us to reach out to you with reading your word, talking to other people or getting professional help. It all comes from you.

We will be finished with our Study of Praying God’s Word February 14 and will start meeting again from 7-8 on February 28. We have not decided what our next study is or if we will have one.

Donna Dammann
Prayer Coordinator


just for fun

Our planning meeting and delicious potluck brought out 14 persons! We decided on the name above, and to meet once a month, with volunteers signing up to be responsible for various actives. We are not a membership group; all are welcome, the more the merrier!
We had fun playing "Are You Smatter Than a Fifth Grader"? Collectively we were. (We think).

February's Gathering will be a matinee at the Downtown Roseville Tower Theatre on Vernon Street to see Throughly Modern Millie on Sunday February 25th at 2:00, arrive there at 1:30. Cost $15.00. Sign- up sheet will circulate in February, the last day being the 14th when we will need to have payment.
We will have dinner downtown. Either Italian, Mexican, or at The Monks. Give choice when signing up.

Shelly and Al Newton


What do you need? Do you have a project that requires assistance? Painting? Gardening? Repairs? Rearranging? Organizing? Whatever it is, our Mission Teamhoney do list wants to help.

Please talk to someone on the team, to get your project on our "Honey-Do List":
Kathleen Mirtoni, Cathie Wierbick, Melanie Kincheloe, Norm Eggert, Ellen Lopez, Ray Davis, Paul Woicicki, Pam Woicicki, Dennis Bull, Yvette Sipes.

We get by with a little help from our friends!!!

Through Christ,



email prayer chainWould you like to pray for your church family but are not sure how to learn about the prayer requests? It's easy. Let me (Diane McGuire), the email prayer chain coordinator, know your email address. I will add you to the group. When I receive a prayer chain, I'll email IT. You don't have to answer. It's up to you when you pray for the request. Sometimes we have several requests a day. Sometimes we go a week or more between requests. You can be added to the group by reaching me at dianedmcguiregmail.com. Thank you.

Diane McGuire



 Please be mindful of the security of our church. If you are the last person leaving the property, please ensure that all doors are locked and secure, as well as all gates, interior and exterior.

Also, please make sure that the A/C is in the off position upon leaving.
This reminder applies to everyone including our outside groups that use the church.
Your thoughtfulness and due diligence will ensure and maintain a secure environment for all and keep the electric bill at a reasonable amount.
Thank you in advance for your cooperation in this matter.


cold or flu

Feeling out of sorts, not yourself? Can’t put your finger on it but something just doesn’t feel right?


Please, as a courtesy to others gathering to worship who sit around you, stay home if you are not feeling well. Don’t share what you may have. The flu this year can be deadly. If you feel you absolutely, positively, most definitely have to come to church, remember this…our God is a gracious God and will understand if you are not in worship. Stay home, get better, heal yourself.



We all know that we can call the church office Monday through Friday before 12:30 PM and reach Lisa if we need a ride to church on the coming Sunday or a particular church activity.

However, we would like to put a list together to publish in The Chimes of people who would be willing to be Emergency Ride Providers for someone who finds they do not have a ride on Saturday or Sunday prior to church. We would like to list these volunteers by Region or Neighborhood so folks can find a ride from someone closest to them.

Anyone who is interested in providing this service to our fellow church attendees, please send the following information to Lisa in the Church Office, using the Subject: Volunteer - Rides to Church to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

1. Your Name
2. Your Address
3. Your Contact Information - Home Phone, cell phone, email address

Thanks everyone for your help! Lorri Brady

Worship Team

Ready to join the Worship Team? Sign up to help prepare the Sanctuary, be a Liturgist, serve Communion, or join the Choir! Give your name to Lisa in the office. 

Gathering Inn Opportunity

Fall is scheduling time!
If you would like to be trained to be a receptionist at the Gathering Inn’s free health clinic (working every 6th Saturday, or so), please see Cathie Wierbick. 




If you enjoy socializing, want to meet others and help out with Sunday morning Fellowship Time, this could be the PERFECT JOB for YOU:

  • Prepare and Serve coffee and snacks 3 to 5 times per year
  • Flexible Schedule (If something comes up, you can trade with others on the list)
  • Social and Fun
  • Time Commitment is small—set up before church, attend the service, clean up after
  • E-Z Training Included
  • Sign Up with your spouse or friend (It’s easier with two, but can be handled by one person)
  • Reasonable costs are reimbursable. See Chris Handley for reimbursement forms

Contact Janice Gaitor, 645-1196 or Sandy Williams, 709-7695 if you would like to join the team.

Feeling Hungry?

Papa John’s Pizza is offering Daily Church Specials!
If you are meeting at the church with one of our church groups, you can take advantage of this great offer!
See Lisa in the church office to get more details.


Opportunities Abound . . . . 

Is there a subject area in the life of the church that is passionate to you? Do you want to share that passion with others? Do you want to help educate our congregation? We call that teaching. Pastor Steve has a passion for teaching but there are just so many days in a week; so many hours in a day. The vision of our church is to "follow Jesus in changing lives, transforming communities, renewing the Church." Our mission is to "make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world." Part of our vision and our mission is to be a teaching church, to help our congregation to learn. We are looking for people who would like to lead a class for others. We will provide the instructor texts, student texts, and materials for the class. If you are interested, please let the church office know. 

Mission/Outreach Team