Rolland (Rolly) Loomis grew up in a home where dignity of all persons was valued. His parents and grandparents modeled for him the biblical virtues of respect and compassion for everyone. During his early life, Rolly worked in the family business building highways and bridges. He also managed Precast Concrete factories in Montrose, Pennsylvania and Tucson, Arizona. He Is married to Roy DeBise Loomis and they have been together for 37 years.

Rolland was gradually called into ministry where he has served for over twenty years, acting as a leader in his church in the development of media for worship and leadership training. Much of his work involved working with youth, recognizing their gifts and graces and empowering them to serve their churches and communities. He served with the Eastern Pennsylvania Conference as Media Director, Managing PowerPoint, Video, Sound, TV and Lighting for the Annual Conference Meetings. 

Rolland has been a pastor in local churches In the Desert Southwest Conference and a missionary with the United Methodist Church. He has worked along the Mexican/US border and has served in several African Countries. 

Recently, Rolly co-founded a Ministry in his church basement in Tucson called “The Inn Project.” This shelter housed up to sixty persons, mostly women and children. People were housed, fed, clothed and provided tender loving care until they were reunited with their families. Over four thousand people have been served at the Inn. 

His life's work includes telling the stories of people who are struggling and suffering for it is Gods utmost desire for we humans to be serving each other. 

Rolland Loomis was one of the Pastors at Saint Francis in the Foothills UMC and First United Methodist Church Tucson at the University of Arizona before moving to Roseville, California. 

My Vision for First Church


A Vision for First Church – By Pastor Rolly Loomis

I believe that God is casting a vision. We will go out and spread the Gospel to all, “God loves each and every one of us.” We will thrive. We will grow in many ways. More young families will call this place their church home. People of all sizes and shapes, people of many races and cultures, sexual orientations, people from many nations, following their own paths to God, will come and go.

Our spaces will come alive with singing and music and the sounds of children playing. Young and old and those in between will do their own thing and come together often to celebrate ageless things. We will share many meals and break bread together as One.

We will worship our God, revealed in Christ Jesus, in diverse ways that will inspire and welcome others to join in. We will make room for other expressions of faith and encourage interfaith conversation. We will preach Justice and Kindness and Humility.

We will make space for The Holy Spirit to move about and expand. God’s presence will be seen in all we do. Energy and light will enliven us. There will be high standards of respect and love for all the people. Everyone will know that they are on Holy Ground and feel joy when they enter this place.

We will go in peace and serve God by serving others.